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1. INTRODUCTION. The Army Athletics middle distance training tour will now take place in Chatel in the Rhone Alps, Haute Savoie region of France from 27th Aug – 10th Sept 14. The focus of the tour remains to train and develop new as well as established athletes in a group training environment in preparation for the start of the Cross Country season. All athletes will compete in the Geneva 12km Trail Race on Saturday 30th Aug 14.

2. TEAM SELECTION. It is planned to take up to 15 male and female personnel across the spectrum of senior, junior and Veteran categories on 1st come 1st serve basis. Athletes will be invited selected from current lists held by this office but new talent; in particular juniors will be welcome to attend.

3. BREAKDOWN OF COSTS. The accommodation is located at La Chapelle Abondance and is approximately 11/2hrs from Geneva. Individual contributions will be £350 based on 15 attendees. Approximate breakdown of costs at this stage are as follows based on parity £ to Euro:

i. Accommodation (chalet 14 days) £318.00
ii. Food £ 80.00
iii. Flights £ 100.00

Total £498.00

iv. Less £50 (AA Contribution) £398.00
v. Less £100 (Sports Lottery) £348.00
vi. Transport (mini bus hire/fuel) £60.00 TBC

It is anticipated at his stage that travel will be by minibus for the advance party. The main party will fly to Geneva on the 29th Aug. There may be flexibility for athletes to join the main group later than the 29th Aug but this will be contingent on a mutually agreed date. It will not be possible to cater for individual arrival and departure dates.

To gauge the uptake, interested personnel are requested to commit themselves by completing and forwarding Annex A with a Cheque for £100.00 payable to ‘ASCB Central Bank’ by Mon 23rd May 13.

4. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Subject to approval the Athletics Association will contribute up to £125 per person for serving members to offset personal contributions. Funding is admissible from the 'Sports Lottery’ on this occasion as this does qualify under the rules for tour status. Individuals are actively encouraged to seek local financial assistance where possible. As a planning figure, participants may expect to contribute up to £300 each which should cover all costs less personal spending money. This will reduce subject to the total received from lottery funding and Divisional contributions.

5. RECOMMENDED ACTION BY ATHLETES. In order to assist in securing your place you are encouraged to:

a. Inform this office immediately on receipt of this letter. Inform your own chain of command about the details and dates of the tour.

b. Examine the potential of additional funding from your Unit and Corps.

c. Start to gather sufficient funds to secure flight, accommodation and catering costs.

6. The accommodation is located at ‘La Chapelle d’ Abondance’ and can be found on the web site. The deposit for this tour is due to paid and once contracts have been exchanged will be non refundable. Therefore athletes on receipt of this letter are requested to respond to this invitation as swiftly as possible. Where necessary suitable replacements will be called forward to attend. Where possible a phone call followed by the deposit of £100.00 will be acceptable but no later than 23rd May 14. Once committed deposits will be non refundable unless a suitable replacement can be found.

7. Further information regarding the tour can be obtained from the undersigned.


for Chairman Army Athletics

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